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Shauna Scott

2 years of experience | NB, Canada | Century 21 A&T Countryside Realty Inc.

Working with Lokations over the past few months has been instrumental in growing my database. I have had the pleasure of working with many clients from across Canada to help them find their new homes. Most transactions have been done by helping clients purchase their home sight unseen via virtual tours. By partnering with Lokations together we earn the trust of our clients to ensure they are completely satisfied with the service they receive and ultimately their new home. Everyone at Lokations is so easy and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend this partnership.

Lokations provided me a client directly who was looking to purchase a home for the first time in my area. Between the time of the initial call to the close of the transaction was less than three weeks! The professionals at Lokations were extremely helpful and the process could not have been easier! I had a great experience with them and look forward to many more interactions in the future. I would absolutely recommend Lokations for any buyer, seller, or agent. You guys are truly great, thank you!

Luke Thornton

3 years of experience | FL, U.S.A | Sellstate Partners Realty

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To start getting leads as a real estate agent, first you will want to create a free Lokations profile. Buyers and sellers can compare top agents on Lokations and your profile will show up if they are looking in your area. Our advisors work with both you and the clients to help everyone have a great experience.

Your profile showcases you to potential clients. It is important to have your About section filled out so buyers and sellers can learn more about you and your experience. Other important things to include on your profile include your specialties, the areas you serve, the languages you speak, and any other information that would be helpful to prospective clients.

Your Lokations agent profile will be public to local buyers and sellers in your area. You can share a link to your profile on Lokations to a lead or post to your social networks for even more promotion of your page. Have any questions? We are here to help you!

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